I’ve been researching and reviewing a good number of M·A·C Cosmetics promotions available online.

Most of them shipped the gift. However, I must say it took me quite some time to complete some of them and a couple did send me a bit too many follow-up emails. But hey, this is M·A·C Cosmetics and I got it for free :)

Why do they give away make-up kits?

Advertisers know we’re interested in make-up and they want to get in touch with us to know our opinion about their products, what products we’d like to get in the future, and so on and so forth. So, they are basically interested in your email address and in your opinion.

I’ve selected the best three promotions I’ve found. The three of them sent me the make-up for free.

M·A·C Mineralize Kit

M·A·C Hey, Sailor! Kit
M·A·C Samples

I’ll start with the M·A·C Mineralize Kit.

This is my favorite so far:

  • The kit includes high quality mineral make-up:  Mineralize blush, Mineralize Skinfinish and Mineralize foundation. You can check reviews here
  • You just needed to provide your email, complete some requirements and you will receive the kit it in a few days
  • Little amount of follow-up emails
  • You must be 18 and US resident

This promotion will be available until


When I run out of free make-up I get it at discounted price here (new customers get a free gift).

And here I make enough money to buy makeup :) (US only)

I’ll publish the other two reviews very soon. Stay tuned!


 MAC has always been a trusted brand in cosmetics. MAC’s new mineral makeup line is considered one of the best in the makeup world. Mineralize coordinates and bakes two shades together to create an elegant sheer light weight eye shadow. Mineralize blush provides sheer and light weight application with luminous, pearlized shimmer. Mineralize Skinfinish offers a velvet-soft high-frost finish, which provides an ultra-deluxe polish finish to your face. Mineralize foundation offers a rich luxurious creamy application for a flawless, naturally revitalizing, fully dimensional finish. This is a great kit for any woman.

For all of you free makeup sample fans out there, you know how difficult it can be to find free M·A·C Kit samples. I haven’t seen an offer like this one in quite a while. The offer does require participation, but the reward is a M·A·C Kit from M·A·C mineral makeup line. This line was launched in about 2008 and has taken the mineral makeup world by storm, becoming one of the most popular lines on the market. Plus, M·A·C is one of the most trusted brands in the cosmetics industry, so you can be confident knowing that their products are of the highest quality.